Call your lawyer

Call you lawyer today and give him or her an update on your physical condition. Ask if there is anything else needed from you at this point.

Journal Your Experiences

Write down everything that happens after your injury. Make notes about pains the you feel, inconveniences that you experience, and struggles that you endure. Give these notes to your lawyer before he files suit, before he responds to interrogatories, before you submit to a deposition, and before trial.

Try Physical Therapy First

If you have back or neck pain after an accident, you should see your primary care physician. You should also consider calling a physical therapy office to see if you can start PT. In Virginia, you do not necessarily need a referral from a doctor to start PT. Check with your health insurance as well to make sure it will be covered.

If that doesn’t work, then call an orthopedic doctor. If you need help with these things, call or email us at

Go to the doctor when you are hurt!

Many people think that the pain will go away after a car accident. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t. You need to go to the doctor to be checked out when you are in pain. Otherwise, the insurance company will say that you were not hurt.

When the insurance company hires its lawyer to represent its interest, he or she will argue to the jury: “What do you do if your are in pain? You go to the doctor. What did Mr. Plaintiff do? He sat at home. He must not have been in pain.”

While you might not like doctors, you have to go if you expect to recover fully and fairly for your injuries. Visit for more information about how to handle your personal injury case.